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Here at Style Diva's Claudia takes pride in her customers hair. Here she does a Color, Cut and Style.
Her client received a stripe of light brown color near the neck line and a light blond on the top. It was cut in the back to revile the light brown strip at the bottom hairline. The clients ends were clips to be made wispy as to not be so abrupt and also give it a lighter feel. Finally the bangs were cut to lightly frame the top of the face. The client was very happy and she is in fact a repeat customer.
So get on over to Style Diva's if you are ready to actually experience getting your hair done by someone who has a passion for making sure you are satisfied with your hair. Claudia loves what she does and does what she loves. Those are the hands you want to touch your hair to make sure it gets done right the first time.
Claudia also does corrective colors just incase you went to get your hair colored by some one who does not love their job.   :-D


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    Claudia and staff take pride in their careers, listening to their clients requests as well as providing them with a lively yet very sanitary environment. They enjoy the fact that they are family oriented and are able to offer very competitive prices without sacrificing quality service.


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